Marina Glass Heater 100 W


Powerful Marina Submersible Aquarium Heater provides reliable heating for fresh or saltwater aquariums aquariums. The heater includes many practical features for easy use, safety and convenience, including an easy-to-access temperature set dial, on/off pilot light indicator and a bumper guard for fish safety. Made of durable high-impact glass, it’s built to last under normal aquatic conditions.

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Marina Glass Heater 100 W

How the Marina Glass Heater 100 W Works:

Maintaining the correct temperature for tropical fish may be the single most important factor for a successful aquarium. Since fish do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature, it is crucial to provide consistent water temperatures with minimal fluctuations.

The majority of fish cannot cope with stress from constant temperature fluctuations, which leads to a compromised immune system. This increases the probability of avoidable diseases, parasites, and bacterial infections.

Features include:
• Submersible heater
• Easy-to-access temperature set dial
• Easy-to-read temperature settings
• On/Off pilot light indicator
• Waterproof sealing
• Pilot light
• Includes bracket with suction cups for easy, secure installation
• 5.9″ electrical cord
• Temperature heating range: 68°F to 82°F

Product Benefits:
• Impact-resistant glass design