Jump Start High Output Grow Light, 2ft


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The Jump Start 2′ T5 Fluorescent grow light maximizes your germination success and is great for seedlings, cuttings, veggies, flowers, herbs, greens, and more. Features a high output T5 full daylight spectrum bulb for faster growth. The cool running design lets you position the light closer for healthier, hardier plants.

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Jump Start High Output Grow Light – 2ft

T5 Fluorescent lights are a great way to provide high-output lighting at a low cost.  These lights operate at a cool temperature compared to HID lighting, and can be placed close to plants without burning.  Use for germination, cuttings, vegetation, and more.

Product Details:

(This product is available only in the U.S.)

  • 24W, HO, 6500K daylight spectrum bulb
  • Cool running design-position light closer for healthier, hardier plants.
  • Included T5 bulb over 2 times more efficient than ordinary fluorescent lights.
  • 20% more light intensity than comparable fluorescent grow lights.
  • Perfect with the Jump Start Grow Light Stand, 2 ft (not included)