Production Lighting Package


Included in this package is everything you need to set up a powerful lighting system with the potential to give you fantastic results!  Included in the package is the compact 315 watt Hignoon Hydro Ceramic Metal Halide light on a 6.5-foot LightRail Mover to cover a larger growing area than a stationary grow light.

Lighting package intended for use with the AquaBundance and Harmony home aquaponic systems. Package can be used for any type of system, but mounting hardware must be sourced locally for use with different systems.



Production Lighting Package

Give your plants the added boost needed to get the maximum production out of your aquaponic system! Whether you are growing indoors or in a greenhouse, artificial grow lighting can help speed up the plant production and efficiency of your system.

Ceramic Metal Halide grow lights run cool, efficiently, and have the perfect spectrum for growing a wide variety of crops. The Production Lighting Package covers two grow beds, and works great with our Harmony and AquaBundance Aquaponic systems.

Highnoon Hydro commercial-style fixtures are compact all-in-one units.  Very lightweight and easy to install.  Each fixture unit includes a ballast, reflector, and a single PGZ18 dual prong 4000K full spectrum bulb.  Up to 20,000 hours of bulb life.

Contents include:

  • Highnoon Hydro 315 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector, ballast, and bulb
    • 4000K 315 watt cMH bulb (20,000 hr lifespan)
    • 110/220v Dual Voltage capable – Includes 15′ 220v power cord.
  • LightRail 4.0 – 6.5 foot Light Track System – extend your coverage area without additional fixtures or electricity!
    • Adjustable drive speed and timed delays at the ends of the track
    • Lights 2 of our Easy-Reach grow beds with one light
  • Dual Outlet Digital Programmable Timer
  • Adjustable Light Risers for hanging your grow light
  • All hardware for attaching the grow light kit and track to any light rack from The Aquaponic Source

More than two grow beds to light?  Contact our design/sales team for a custom lighting system design!

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