AutoPot 1Pot XL Module, 6.6 Gallon


The 1Pot XL System from AutoPot USA can be used for a wide range of root and vining crops. Its versatile design allows you to add as many pots as you’d like to a single reservoir. The pots and trays are easily moveable so that if the plants grow too large and begin to crowd their neighboring plants, you can space them further apart with ease.

Each AutoPot 1 XL Module can house 1-2 tomato plants, with an average annual harvest yield of 45lbs per plant!


The 1Pot XL Module comes with everything required to add more or as many pots as you need.

1Pot XL Module Includes:

1 x 1Pot XL tray & lid
1 x 6.6 gal pot
1 x AQUAvalve5
3.3ft of 3/8″ pipe
1 x root control disc (round)
1 x 3/8″ tee connector
1 x 1/2”-3/8″ tee connector

What You’ll Need

1/2″ Vinyl Tubing

Each 1Pot XL Module includes a 1/2″ x 3/8″ tee connector, but 1/2″ tubing is required for the water feed line to connect to each tee connector. Each system is different in terms of amount of 1/2″ tubing it’ll need to supply water to every bucket.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our 1/2″ Black Vinyl Tubing-per ft. Select the amount of tubing your farm needs and easily plug it onto the supplied tees.

Grow Media

The AutoPot XL Module can be used with a growing medium of your choice. The optimal grow media includes a 50% mixture of perlite or clay pebbles and 50% soil or coco coir.

Luckily, we carry both clay pebbles and coco coir.

A Reservoir

A reservoir is needed to be filled with both water and liquid nutrients. Water and nutrients from your reservoir are gravity fed to each bucket as needed, eliminating the need for a water pump or complicated plumbing. The gravity fed water line is activated by a float valve inside each bucket for self-watering.

Your only job is to ensure the reservoir has an adequate amount of water and nutrients. The buckets will take care of the rest!


Adding oxygen into your reservoir is essential for the plant roots and also allows for a steady flow of water and nutrients all while avoiding stagnation.

We recommend going with our 4-port AquaAeration Kit, complete with the air pump, sillicilon airline tubing, and four airstones.

AutoPot USA Grow Guide

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