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Off Grid Aquaponics DVD Set

Off Grid Aquaponics DVD Set


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Take Your Aquaponics System Off the Grid!

Dan ChirasAquaponics systems can be powered entirely by solar and wind energy in nearly every climate zone in the world. In this Off Grid Aquaponics workshop, nationally renowned solar and wind energy expert Dan Chiras will show you how.

In this 4-DVD set, we will explore the basics of solar and wind energy as well as fundamentals of energy, energy efficiency, and electricity.

Dan Chiras, Ph.D. is director of The Evegreen Institute ( where he teaches classes on renewable energy including solar thermal, solar electric, passive solar, and wind energy. He has published numerous books and articles on solar energy. His books include The Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Energy, The Solar House, Power from the Sun, Solar Electricity Basics, Power from the Wind, and Wind Energy Basics.Dan has built several solar homes in Colorado and Missouri and installed numerous solar and wind systems. Dr. Chiras is a nationally certified wind site and solar PV site assessor.

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