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Aquaponic Gardening Education Set

Aquaponic Gardening Education Set

Online Course and Book Together!


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Take your Aquaponic Gardening Education seriously with the Aquaponic Gardening Online Course plus the award-winning Aquaponic Gardening book as your reference guide together in one discounted bundle!

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1 review for Aquaponic Gardening Education Set

  1. Jim Hall from Wailuku, HI United States

    I jumped into aquaponics like many people, learned via a bunch of shaky video from other people online. Sylvia`s book put me on track to a better understanding of aquaponics and now through her online course, (I went through most of it within days) it really helped me grasp the various aspects in her book.
    I would highly recommend the course to anyone that is considering doing aquaponics. I`m sure you will save more than the course and book price just avoiding some of the mistakes I`ve made.

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