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Production Lighting Package

Production Lighting Package

Included in this package is everything you need to set up a powerful lighting system with the potential to give you fantastic results!  It consists of a powerful 315 watt Phantom Ceramic Metal Halide light on a 4 foot light mover to cover a larger growing area than a stationary grow light.

Lighting package intended for use with the AquaBundance and Harmony home aquaponic systems.  Package can be used for any type of system, but mounting hardware must be sourced locally for use with different systems.



Product Description

Contents include:

  • Phantom 315 watt Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector
  • 3100 K cMH bulb (20,000 hr lifespan)
  • Phantom Digital Ballast
  • LightRail 3.5 – 6 foot Light Track System
  • Dual Outlet Grounded Timer
  • All hardware for attaching the grow light kit and track to any light racks from The Aquaponic Source


Product Description from Hydrofarm:

Hydrofarm’s new Phantom CMh System combines our Phantom CMh reflector with the multi-voltage Phantom ceramic halide-specific digital ballast and the Philips double-jacketed Master Power CDM Elite Agro 315W T12 ceramic metal halide lamp.

Ceramic metal halide technology represents a major advancement in HID evolution. These lamps provide high-quality growth spectrum, amazing PAR per watt performance, and extra energy in the ultraviolet range—which all contribute to increased crop quality. Excellent maintenance of PAR/PPF over long lamp life means great value and far longer re-lamping intervals.

High efficiency along with high intensity and cutting-edge performance make the Phantom CMh System a smart choice.

  • Excellent PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux)—1.95 µmol/s
    • Longevity—90% PAR output at 8,000 hours and 20,000-hour average life
    • Horticulturally-optimized spectrum and increased UV promote enhanced plant quality
    • 3100K lamp included
    • Double jacketed lamp does not require reflector safety lens
    • Digital ballast features low frequency, square wave technology
    • Multi-voltage: 120/208/240V
    • Ideal for low ceilings/tents/vertical gardens
    • 95% reflective European hammertone aluminum specular
    • Optional cooling kit (PHR3150CKT) available (includes a lens system and two 6″ flanges)


*Important – hot re-strike can take up to 15 minutes. The lamp will take longer to cool down since it has two layers of glass. Please allow enough time for ignition. Philips recommends that you do not operate the lamp for less than 3 minutes or this can cause ignition issues.



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