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LumiGrow Lumibar LED Light

LumiGrow Lumibar LED Light

Consistent coverage area of 48″ x 18″


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LumiGrow Lumibar LED Light
The LED-based LumiBar horticultural light delivers the optimal spectrum and light level for multilayer crop production. Switch from fluorescent and incandescent fixtures to gain 50% more PAR per Watt and reduce lighting costs by half.
Apply the default settings or tune the LumiBar system to your preferred light intensity and color ratio for every stage of crop growth. Assess crop characteristics with the View Mode (white setting).
Focus on your plants, not changing bulbs.
Unlike fluorescent fixtures, the LumiBar light provides reliable illumination at all temperatures and will not degrade. While other LED products require cobbling together parts, leading to unexpectedly high costs and complexity, the all-in-one LumiBar light is ready to grow right out of the box. Plug it in and forget it.
Recommended Applications:Replace four to six T5 fluorescent tubes Multilayer, shelf-based production Plant research Interlighting Conditioned environments including climate cabinets, chambers and production units Vertical farming
Key Features:Tunable PAR-centric (400 to 700nm) ratio Far red 740 nm LEDs (optional) Fully adjustable intensity Consistent coverage area of 48″ x 18″ 0 – 200 micromoles at 12″ above plants (fully adjustable) 175 Watts All-in-one simplicityRoHS compliant Industry’s best customer service Rebate eligible
Key Benefits:Eliminates complexity and cost with all-in-one solution Reduces energy use by up to 50% vs. other fixtures Pays for itself in electrical bill, bulb and time savings Provides long-lasting and consistent lighting Enables advanced plant growth control with patent-pending color balance system Avoids high heating loads and associated cooling costs Installs quickly and runs maintenance-free Operates safely in high-moisture environments
Technical Specifications:Operating Voltage: 90-264 VAC (2.5A max) Operating Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz Typical Power Consumption: 175 Watts BTUs/hr: 582Weight: 4 pounds Dimensions: 3″ x 48″ x 3″ Operating Temperature: -4

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15.81 x 12.94 x 10.19 in


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