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Halide Bulb, 400W E-Start by Hortilux

Halide Bulb, 400W E-Start by Hortilux

Designed for electronic ballasts


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HORTILUX™ e-Start Metal Halide Bulb is a new family of lamps designed for use on electronic/digital ballasts. The starting and operating characteristics of electronic/digital ballasts are different than traditional magnetic core & coil ballasts. These differences allow us to optimize lamp performance over life to improve results in your indoor garden. Hortilux Metal Halide BT37 Large, Universal, 400W E-Start provides optimum spectral energy required for vegetative (non-fruiting) growth.

  • Designed for electronic ballasts
  • 100% lead free.
  • 400 watts covers 4’x4’area
  • Initial Lumens: 36,000
  • Glass size: BT-37
  • Operating position: Universal

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 12 in


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