Aquaponics Fest 2014 4-DVD Set


While there are other Aquaponics conferences, they typically focus on commercial farming and academic research.  The content from The Aquaponics Fest event was focused on providing backyard, community, and school gardeners with informative and compelling workshops.  The workshops, presentations, and contests at Aquaponics Fest celebrate the DIY spirit of many aquaponic gardeners.

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Aquaponics Fest 2014 4-DVD Set

More About the Aquaponics Fest 2014 4-DVD Set:

In the summer of 2014, The Aquaponic Source hosted an exciting event that drew aquaponics enthusiasts from across the country.  For those interested in learning more on a variety of aquaponic topics, this DVD set is a collection of presentations and workshops straight from the experts.  This event featured two types of speakers every hour of the two-day event!  “Presentations” are speakers talking about a subject related to aquaponics, while “Workshops”  demonstrate how to actually build something or perform a specific task.  With too many speakers to capture on video, we have selected our favorites from the event on this DVD set.

Product Details:

Almost as if you were there! Enjoy the 14 hours of presentations on the Main Stage at Aquaponics Fest 2014 in the comfort of your home, including:

  • James Fry, “Vermiculture in Aquaponics: Surefire Methods for Producing Worms for Fish Feed”
  • Vlad Javonovich, Atria, ” Microscopy for Everyone (for under $10)”
  • Gina Cavaliero, Green Acre Aquaponics “The Wonders of Wicking Beds”
  • Dan Chiras, Evergreen Institute, “Designing 100% Solar Aquaponic Systems”
  • Alan Bernstein, The Aquaponic Source “Building a Bell Siphon That Will Work Every Time”
  • Dr. Nate Storey, Bright Agrotech, “An Introduction to Vertical Systems”
  • Robbie the Plumber, The Aquaponic Source, “Make Your Own Battery Backup System”
  • and many more!!

100% of the net proceeds go to the Grants for Plants Foundation!

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“Really enjoying the DVD Set for aquafest! There are some incredible folks out there with a wealth of knowledge.”

-Eric Schmidt

“Have been enjoying the Fest DVDs immensely. So many new ideas to apply to my 3-year-old system in a geodesic dome..”

Susan Dawson

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