Aquaponic Components Online Course


This course covers all of the fundamental components that go into aquaponic farms such as fish tanks, filtration systems, aeration, pumps, heaters, plumbing parts and a wide variety of plant growing systems. 


Aquaponic Components Course Syllabus

This class is part of the Flourish Farm Aquaponic Online Course

Module 1 Aquaponics Components Introduction
Unit 1 Aquaponics Components Introduction
Module 2 Fisk Tanks
Unit 1 Round Tanks
Unit 2 Rectangular and Raceway Tanks
Module 3 Aquaponic System Filtration
Unit 1 Aquaponic Filtration Principles
Unit 2 Mechanical Filtration Principles and Methods
Unit 3 Mineralization
Unit 4 Biological Filtration
Unit 5 3 Stage Filtration System
Unit 6 Automated and Integrated Filters
Module 4 Water Pumps and Water Flow
Unit 1 Pump Selection Considerations
Unit 2 Total Dynamic Head
Unit 3 Common Pump Applications
Unit 4 Solids Lift Overflow (SLO) Concept
Module 5 Aeration Systems
Unit 1 Aeration Concepts and Principles
Unit 2 Aeration Equipment
Module 6 Water Temperature Contol
Unit 1 Heating Principles
Unit 2 Heating with Natural Gas or Propane
Unit 3 Heating with Electricity
Unit 4 Heating with Wood/Pellet Stove
Unit 5 Heating with Geothermal
Unit 6 Heating with Solar Thermal
Unit 7 Water Chillers
Module 7 Plumbing Components
Unit 1 Bulkhead Fittings
Unit 2 Uniseals
Unit 3 Flexible Pipe Couplers and Fittings
Unit 4 Check Valves
Unit 5 PVC Pipe Fittings
Unit 6 Barb Fittings, Quik-Connects and Vinyl Tubing
Unit 7 PVC cutting
Module 8 Plant Growing Spaces
Unit 1 Deep Water Culture
Unit 2 Media Beds
Unit 3 Buckets, NFT, Vertical and Wicking Beds
Module 9 Lighting Overview
Unit 1 Lighting Overview and Terminology
Unit 2 Light Movers
Unit 3 LED lighting
Unit 4 High Intensity Discharge Lights (HIDs)
Unit 5 Florescent Lighting

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