Active Aqua Air Pump with 4 Outlets, 15L Per Minute


This air pump with 4 Outlets is super silent with a multi-level muffler, low power consumption.  Special artificial rubber to keep a steady air flow output and pressure that can be adjusted freely. 1 Year warranty.

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Active Aqua Air Pump with 4 Outlets

How The Active Aqua Air Pump with 4 Outlets Works:

A compact solution to add more oxygen into your system water.  Simple to install with low power consumption.

Product Details:

Connect up to four airstones to the Active Aqua Air Pump using flexible, silicon tubing.  Secure the air pump outside the tank on a firm level surface above the water level, but in a place, it will not drop into the water.

The aerator needs to be placed above the water level to prevent water from siphoning back through the tubing and causing damage to the unit. The pump must also have access to fresh air since that same air will be distributed through the silicon airline tubing, through the air stones, and into the water.

Cut silicone airline tubing to the desired length, connect each section of tubing to the pump’s outlet, and the other end to each air stone. Place air stones toward the bottom of the tank or reservoir.

Product Features:

  • Super silent with multi-level muffler.
  • Special artificial rubber to keep a steady air flow output.
  • Adjustable pressure valves
  • Low power consumption (10 watts).
  • Measures 6″ length x 4″ width x 9.5″ inch height.
  • This product weighs 3.1 pounds

Active Aqua Air pump specs

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