Fine Bubble Low Pressure Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser


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This Fine Bubble Ceramic Diffuser is a high quality, air stone that can effectively aerate your water using minimal PSI. With proper care, this airstone will help keep your fish, plants, and bacteria happy and healthy!


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Fine Bubble Low-Pressure Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser

How The Fine Bubble Low-Pressure Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser Works:

As air or pure oxygen are pumped through this airstone, it is diffused into microbubbles by the ceramic pores. Smaller bubbles allow for greater diffusion of oxygen into the system thus increasing the efficiency of your aerator.

Product Details:

KeepAlive Low-pressure ceramic air diffuser is a high-quality ceramic diffuser made in the USA. This diffuser is more expensive than your standard airstones, because of the intensive manufacturing process, though it offers superior oxygen delivery using less than 2 PSI per diffuser. Microbubbles are between 100-500 microns

Maintaining your Low-Pressure Ceramic Diffuser:

Over time, all airstones build-up with calcium deposits, fine solids, and biofilm. Cleaning this diffuser is a breeze simply remove it from the water while air is being blown through it and set it upside down on a paper towel. The aerator will help remove any gunk that may have clogged your pores. In extreme cases, you may try soaking the diffuser in Distilled Vinegar. These cleaning habits will keep your diffuser operating for years.

DO NOT allow your diffuser to dry without blowing air through it while it is in the drying process.  Cleaning it with your bubble aerator will save you money!

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