• photo of D-Klor natural vitamin c dechlorinator with Aloe vera
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    Instant D-Klor

    Removes chlorine and breaks the chlorine/ammonia bond in chloramines. Instant D-Klor is a natural dechlorinator formulated using sodium ascorbate which is a natural source of Vitamin C. D-Klor's Vitamin C is beneficial to fish, invertebrates and live aquarium plants. Instant D-Klor's aloe vera helps to enhance the fish's natural protective surface slime coating.  
  • photo of assorted bottle sizes of tidy tank sludge eradicator
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    This Sludge Eradicator keeps tanks and media clean. Tidy Tank improves water quality, reduces odors and extends the useful life of filter materials. It contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that break down organic debris in gravel and filters while reducing sludge and organic debris from the substrate.
  • Photo of 1 pound container with lid of ClorAm-X product
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    The original, single-phase ammonia, chlorine & chloramine remover! Liquid Buffered ClorAm-X utilizes a patented molecule to destroy chloramine and then removes the ammonia and chlorine. Gone are the days of hoping your biological filtration can remove the bound up ammonia before the health of your fish is impacted, a common process with most other ammonia removers. Look for the ClorAm-X logo and USA patent number to prove you’ve chosen the leader in ammonia removal worldwide!
  • AquaStart Kit-small AIP Freshwater test kit, digital thermometer, AquaCycle kit, AquaUp, AquaDown
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    This kit is designed to help you have everything that you need to get your system up and running! Start with our online course to learn about aquaponics right at home. Introduce beneficial nitrifying bacteria with our aquaponic cycling kit. Keep track of your water conditions with the API freshwater master test kit and digital thermometer! Adjust pH for fish health, stable water chemistry and to benefit the nitrifying bacteria.
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