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    Specially Formulated Blend of Phosphoric Acid safe for use in aquaponic and hydroponic systems Comes in 8oz, 32oz or 1 gallon bottles
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    AquaUp pH Raising Kit

    To maximize your plant growth, the pH of your aquaponic fish tank water should be 6.8 - 7.0. AquaUp pH Raising Kit feeds your plants calcium and potassium as it safely raises pH to optimum levels. Product comes in 1lb, 2 lb, 5lb and 10lb quantities.
  • Photo of Calcium Carbonate pieces in nylon drawstring bag
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    Buffer Bag

    Helps create a pH buffer in your aquaponics system. Combination of calcite and aragonite to support proper pH and trace element composition. Uniform particle size promotes healthy biological activity.
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    Buffer solution, 16 oz. Formulation pH buffers are made of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and disodium hydrogen phosphate and are standardized with a pH meter calibrated to NIST primary standard buffer solutions (NIST 186Ie & 186IIe and NIST 158g S.R.M.).