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    The AquaHeat Gas-Fired Heating System is a highly efficient way to heat your aquaponic or hydroponic system. Runs on natural gas or off-grid propane. Have you been searching for a way to keep your fish warm and happy without taxing your electricity? Are you looking for an aquaponic heating system with off-grid capabilities? AquaHeat is the latest in efficient natural gas or propane-fired heating for your aquaponic system.  
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    Aquatop Titanium Heaters

    Providing a consistent water temperature for your fish is critical for their health. The AQUATOP line of titanium heaters are compact and durable. Each heater comes with a controller, thermostat and sensor. The 1000 and 1500 watt units feature a dual display digital controller with audible high/low temp alarm.
  • Controller for Heat Mats
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    Controls seedling heat mats and tank heaters! The Digital Temperature Controller is a great solution to control temperatures for heat mats and tank heaters.
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