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    Sun Pulse Pulse Start Metal Halide Bulb Grow lamps were created by the GAS Technologies group of photo-biologists, plant scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, gas chemists, and HID lamp designers. They are designed with true solar symmetry for true photochemical reactions in living organisms, greater molecular efficiency in operations, and better color rendering. Sun Pulse lamps are made with the highest quality and quality control.
  • Photo of one end of 2 pronged LED tube light that replaces T5 fluorescent bulb
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    Give your old T5 Fluorescent light fixture new life by converting it to LED!  These bulbs effortlessly swap into any 4 foot long T5 Fluorescent light fixture, and instantly offer a 45% energy saving over standard 54w fluorescent bulbs, plus a 50,000 hour bulb life. Product is sold as a 4 pack.
  • Photo of T5 Fluorescent Commercial Light Fixture
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    T5 Fluorescent Lighting Systems deliver performance, flexibility and high lumen output in any growing environment. These systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your garden’s design.    
  • Photo of T5 Designer Light Fixture, holds 4 Florescent Tube Bulbs
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    The Designer T5 Light System delivers performance, flexibility and high output lighting in any growing environment. These daisy-chainable systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your garden’s design. They combine German specular aluminum with energy-efficient, high-output T5 bulbs and put out double the light energy of normal fluorescent systems.
  • Photo of box of 20 T5 Florescent Grow Light Bulbs
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    AgroBrite T5 bulbs offer High Output light at a great price. Full daylight 6400k spectrum, rated for 20,000 hours of life, and compatible for all 4' T5 Fluorescent fixtures we offer.
  • par light meter
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    The Advanced Quantum PAR Meter provides accurate and cost-effective measurement for all light sources used to grow plants. The PHOTOBIO by Phantom Quantum PAR meter is designed to measure PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) flux in wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700nm. There is a proportional relationship between the number of photons absorbed in the 400 to 700nm band and the rate of photosynthesis in plants, which is important for horticultural studies and monitoring plant physiology.
  • Photo of Light Rail Mover 4.2 Kit Contents
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    Save on electricity by moving your lights over a larger coverage area!  LightRail 4.20 will move any grow lights/ any hoods, multiple sizes and weights and is a scalable system where up to three indoor grow lights can move in-line with the use of one motor. LightRail is just right for any indoor grow equipment set up including indoor grow light systems, seasonal greenhouse lighting, all season greenhouse grow lights, grow tent set ups and commercial grower facilities.
  • Photo of contents of the T5 Lighting Package which contains two T5 lighting systems, suspension ties, and timer
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    Our T5 Economy Lighting Package contains everything you need to start growing indoors!  This kit includes two 2ft 8 tube T5 fluorescent grow lights, hangers, and timer - perfect for indoor food production or increasing your growing hours during winter months.  This lighting package services up to 2 Easy-Reach grow beds.
  • Photo of LightRail 5 commercial light track drive kit
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    Eliminates shading and allows more uniform growth and development, all while saving you money on electricity by moving your lights over a larger coverage area.
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    The Sunburst CMh system combines two of our most popular products—the Sunburst and Phantom CMh—into a single unit that brings the benefits of ceramic metal halide lighting to all applications, small and large, in the Sunburst’s compact, all-in-one format. The Sunburst CMh has a built-in digital ballast designed specifically to run the 315W ceramic metal halide lamp, which in this system operates in the horizontal position. The reflector’s interior is 95% European hammertone aluminum and offers excellent uniformity and diffusion. The included bulb is of superior color quality. Crisp white light. 4200K color temperature, High 92 CRI, 34,300 initial lumens (109 lm/W). High 90% lumen maintenance at 8,000 hr./High 85% PPF maintenance at 20,000 hrs. Unique open-rated lamp construction reduces radiant heat from the arc tube and is suitable for open fixture use.
  • photo of Arc 600 LED grow light, suspended above grow space
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    A high-output, full-spectrum LED grow light that provides impressive output and coverage to your plants at an unbeatable price for a 600 watt grow light
  • Photo of indoor grow space with 3 production lighting packages over grow space
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    Included in this package is everything you need to set up a powerful lighting system with the potential to give you fantastic results!  Included in the package is the compact 315 watt Sunburst Ceramic Metal Halide light on a 6.5-foot LightRail Mover to cover a larger growing area than a stationary grow light. Lighting package intended for use with the AquaBundance and Harmony home aquaponic systems. Package can be used for any type of system, but mounting hardware must be sourced locally for use with different systems.  
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