• Photo of contents of the T5 Lighting Package which contains two T5 lighting systems, suspension ties, and timer
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    Our T5 Economy Lighting Package contains everything you need to start growing indoors!  This kit includes two 2ft 8 tube T5 fluorescent grow lights, hangers, and timer - perfect for indoor food production or increasing your growing hours during winter months.  This lighting package services up to 2 Easy-Reach grow beds.
  • Photo showing two LED grow lights suspended from an automated moving track
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    Our LED Performance Lighting Package is designed for serious growers who want to get the most out of their garden! This kit includes a Drive Lighting ARC 600 grow light, a LightRail 4.0 light moving system, timer, and mounting hardware to get your plants growing at impressive rates.  These LEDs are a great energy-efficient lighting option that doesn't sacrifice on performance.  Using a broad white light spectrum, these lights create an ideal environment for maximum plant growth. This lighting package services up to 2 Easy-Reach grow beds.   Lighting package intended for use with the AquaBundance and Harmony home aquaponic systems. Package can be used for any type of system, but mounting hardware must be sourced locally for use with different systems.
  • photo of Arc 600 LED grow light, suspended above grow space
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    A high-output, LED full-spectrum white grow light that provides impressive output and coverage to your plants at an unbeatable price for a 600 watt grow light
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