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AquaBundance Modular Systems


Every AquaBundance system has been designed and tested by our team of aquaponics experts, plumbers and engineers for growing performance and reliability. These systems are for gardeners who would rather be enjoying the fish and plants than cleaning out fish waste filters.


No matter where you are setting up your aquaponics system we have a size and configuration that will work. Our modular systems allow you to build your own system. Plus, you have a choice whether or not to include grow media, grow bed stands, raft beds, and more. We don’t force you to purchase anything you don’t need.


Once you are a part of our AquaBundance family we want to make sure your garden is successful! We are here to support you with advice, supplies, and support for the life of your system.

See our Getting Started Checklist for great tips on how to plan for your aquaponic system.

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