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    Grow your own food by raising fish and plants together in your home, school or greenhouse. AquaBundance Modular Home Aquaponic Systems are complete food production gardens that allow you to raise your own fish along with a wide variety of vegetables, greens, and herbs in a natural and biologically active eco-system. Design Your System
    1. Select the number of Media and Deep Water Culture beds. Min 2 beds, Max 8 beds. At least 2 media beds are required.
    2. Choose the optional LED Full Spectrum Grow Lighting System. See product description for more details.
    3. Choose the optional Light Rack. This is required if you choose the LED Grow Lighting System.
    4. Please Contact us for custom system design layouts and Growasis DWC integrations.
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    The Harmony Home Aquaponics System is the perfect space-efficient solution for maximum food production right in your own home, year-round!  Our Harmony System consists of 2 media beds and a 125-gallon fish tank that is constantly circulating nutrients to your plants.  The entire system is designed to be compact, easy to install and maintain.
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      Are you looking for a compact Aquaponics System that is high quality, attractive, easy to assemble and easy to use - all at an affordable price? The AquaUrban Aquaponics System is an attractive aquaponic garden, perfect for both indoor, outdoor and classroom settings.