• photo of 6, 8 or 12 port manifold for air distribution
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    Air Manifolds

    Multi-outlet air divider can be individually opened or shut, for total aeration control.
  • This Fine Bubble Ceramic Diffuser is a high quality, air stone that can effectively aerate your water using minimal PSI. With proper care, this airstone will help keep your fish, plants, and bacteria happy and healthy!  
  • Picture of Air Bubble Oxygen Diffuser
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    This active aqua 4-inch air stone disc is a great way to add oxygen to your aquaponic system.  The round design helps to aerate and circulate your nutrients with the ability to lay flat against your tank floor or walls.  Adequate aeration will help keep your fish safe and keep your roots healthy and promote exceptional growth.
  • Photo of a 100' roll of clear silicone tubing
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    Silicone Airline Tubing

    Flexible silicone material will never harden, crack or kink. Use our sturdy clear vinyl tubing, which is FDA-approved and BPA-free, to complete your aquaponic systems. With the proper aerator, silicone airline tubing, and correct quantity and size of airstones, you can create an oxygen-rich environment for your plants, fish, bacteria, and worms to thrive.
  • Photo of 3 sizes, small, medium, large gray cylindrical air stones with white plastic nozzle attachment on top
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    Cylinder Air Stone

    Active Aqua air stones are an ideal way to add oxygen to your aquaponic growing system.  Increasing dissolved oxygen in your system is essential for healthy fish respiration, as well as healthy plant root growth.   The micropore design diffuses thousands of tiny bubbles to aerate and circulate water/nutrients. Air stones will help keep roots healthy and promote exceptional growth.