Pennock Family Farms


Pennock Family Farms Berthoud, Colorado This aquaponic farm was a unique project from the start. The owners are 3rd generation farmers raising angus cattle and barley for Coors brewery. The farm also has two 500' long turkey barns that previously raised over 270,000 turkeys annually! The owners decided to convert a 100' section of [...]

Raven Ranch


Raven Ranch Idaho Raven Ranch is a custom 23  x 40' Flourish Aquaponic Farm located on a private homestead in Careywood, ID. The proud owners of this farm retired from their lives as medical professionals and decided that they would begin their journey as farmers using sustainable technologies to grow healthy, fresh, and safe produce [...]

GroFresh Farms


GroFresh Farms Grand Junction, Colorado What started out as an experiment to increase agricultural production density at a local church has become a high standard for local food production. GroFresh co-director Rick Kenagy established Canyon View Gardens in 2011 in an effort to multiply the church's budget earmarked for those who have fallen on [...]

Mental Health Center of Denver, Dahlia Campus


Mental Health Center of Denver - Dahlia Campus Take a 5 minute tour of the Dahlia Campus Aquaponic Greenhouse with Tawnya Sawyer The Dahlia Campus Greenhouse is a 5,400 sq ft facility that we designed from the ground up. There was a great deal of community input regarding the types of fish and plants [...]

Ouroboros Farm


Ouroboros Farm 12511 San Mateo Road - Half Moon Bay, California Ken Armstrong owns and operates this beautiful facility with a front end market and retail space followed by three 6,000 sq ft greenhouse bays.  We worked closely with Ken to design a farm to maximize the bays while also providing comfortable amounts of [...]

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