Project Description

Flagstaff Academy

Longmont, Colorado

With school kicking in gear after a beautiful Colorado summer, we wanted to highlight our neighbor, Flagstaff Academy in Longmont Colorado, and their geodesic dome aquaponics system.

Teacher: Allison Cole

System: The parents of the students collaborated to build the geodesic dome, which holds their 2-Bed AquaBundance System. Along with soil garden beds along the perimeter of the dome, their aquaponics system is growing cabbage, chard, tomatoes, carrots, coleus, and peas. The dome was built four years ago and the aquaponics system was integrated two years ago. 

Sponsor: Colorado Garden Foundation 

Learning about: Plants, animals, insects, life cycles, healthy eating, growing your own food, water chemistry, laws of physics, gravity.


  • Preschool-8th
  • Customize lessons to what teachers are teaching
  • Water for soil garden is taken from the 3,000 gallon fish tank
  • Growing meal worm beetles and feeding them to the fish
  • 4th graders have poetry journals writing about the garden, taking that into language arts
  • Students’ favorite part of aquaponics is feeding the fish and maintaining the worm factory
  • Kids come out at least once a month
  • Harvest tomatoes, chard, kale, and carrots from aquaponics
    • Wash and taste
    • Doesn’t go to cafeteria

Share your interest in aquaponics with your local schools and teachers. They too may want this fruitful, learning opportunity in their classroom. Reach out to us for support to make your aquaponic endeavors come to life.

Have a great school year!