Project Description

41 North Aquaponics

Hayden, CO

Featuring a year-round, 3,680 square-foot passive-solar greenhouse, and located just 30 minutes drive from Steamboat Springs in Hayden, Colorado, 41North grows leafy greens, herbs, edible flowers, microgreens, and other vegetables for the direct local market throughout the Yampa Valley, providing fresh produce year-round to Steamboat, Hayden, Oak Creek, and Clark. 41North also hosts private farm-to-table dining events and educational workshops.

Our Mission

We believe access to healthy, fresh food shouldn’t be a privilege. We employ and educate communities using sustainable, proven agricultural technology, growing incredible food profitably at scale.

Our Vision

Industrial agriculture consumes huge amounts of fossil fuel, water, and chemical resources. Using proven agricultural technology, we create a cleaner, more efficient, more resilient food system.

Our Philosophy

41North is a human-first company. Our greatest asset is our people, and that customers are partners. We aim to educate, to connect, and to provide world-class quality and service.

Our Story

The seed of an idea that germinated into what eventually became 41North began on New Year’s Eve 2016. 41North evolved as a response to a question: what would happen if we combined advanced greenhouse engineering, solar power, and aquaponic gardening? Could we just grow food forever, automatically?

After finishing construction in May 2018, 41North launched operations officially in September of that same year. The company immediately began selling out of its’ first microgreen harvests, progress that has continued through Spring 2019.

In February of 2019, 41North also started hosting exclusive farm-to-table dining experiences at private residences in Steamboat Springs and throughout Yampa Valley.

Up until early 2020, 41North sold all of its production capacity to the top fine-dining establishments in Yampa Valley, supplying restaurants with the freshest available produce throughout the year.

In early 2020, 41North pivoted its business model entirely to directly service the local residential community with delivery farm shares. 41North now delivers its produce exclusively to a robust, engaged, growing membership of local residents throughout Yampa Valley.