Secure Your Food Source

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success” – Henry Ford

Household food security no matter what happens

household food securityWe all enjoy the convenience of dropping into the grocery store for those few last minute necessities and we hope that it will always be there. But things can happen so it might not always be fully stocked. If access to fresh produce is disrupted for whatever reason it can be very handy to have your own source of fresh and healthy food that is fully under your control and independent of any problems in the food distribution system. Whilst everyone else is eating dehydrated and canned goods your family can still have fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients to cook with ready in the backyard with aquaponics! Having a plan for household food security is great for your peace of mind.

You know -100% – where your food has been

You know what the fish have been fed. You know there is no mercury. You know there have been no harmful chemicals or pesticides used. You know the food is healthy and good, because if it wasn’t, your system wouldn’t be working. Aquaponically grown food has to – by necessity – be grown naturally. The same can’t be said for the stuff you buy off the shelf. The bacteria in an Aquaponic system are Mother Nature’s checks and balances – if they are healthy you can trust that more than any stamp from a bureaucratic agency that may or may not be based on the honesty of whoever is selling the food. If you can see your fish and plants growing and look after them well, you know 100% that it’s good to eat.

Your family can see it growing

household food security - boy with tomatoesEven if you are preparing for the worst, it is important to keep a positive attitude for your family. Aquaponics addresses this perfectly. You can provide household food security that you control whilst also providing a positive fun place for your kids to learn about ecosystems and nature. Playing with fish and eating fresh strawberries are fun at any age!

Something to share with your network

An important part of food independence is having a network. Aquaponics will give you some delicious things to share with your neighbors and friends. Invite them around for some backyard fishing, fire up the barbeque and serve ultra- fresh fish with aquaponic salad. We guarantee they will be impressed and they will want to return the favor!

Low maintenance and economy

Even if the grocery store supply is always there, it won’t necessarily always be cheap. Aquaponics is one way to trim a bit off your grocery bills whilst improving the quality of what you are eating. And once your system is established it doesn’t take much effort to maintain – especially when compared to growing hydroponically or in the dirt. You might find that maintenance takes even less time than the drive to the store and back!