IMG_7633Our first week as the new owners of the Aquaponic Source was naturally a busy one. There’s much for us to learn but we are blessed to be surrounded by such a great team. Everyone who works here is extremely dedicated and excited about the future of aquaponics.

What is the future of aquaponics you might ask? Well, a big part of the future of aquaponics is rooted in the education of our younger generations which is something we are extremely passionate about here at the Aquaponic Source. One of our recent students who attended a Colorado Aquaponics class at the GrowHaus in Denver is Renee Petrillo. Renee is the teaching kitchen coordinator at the Children’s Museum of Denver (CMD). Renee worked with Lisa Bult who is the exhibit designer at CMD to come up with a beautiful demonstration aquaponics system to be featured as part of the grand opening of CMD’s latest facility renovations.IMG_7638

The Children’s Museum system features two stainless steel grow beds mounted in a beautiful wood frame along with a single stainless steel fish tank at the base. Our role in the project was to install all of the plumbing components, bell siphons, grow media, lighting and aeration equipment along with providing the necessary supplies to run the system. As usual, Robbie the plumber did an excellent job putting it all together and we used grey PVC schedule 80 parts to blend in better with the overall aesthetic of the system.IMG_7635

This is a really great project that will get aquaponics in front of lots children, parents and educators throughout the region. We look forward to sharing pictures as the system starts growing in the coming months. We are extremely proud of how it came out and a special thanks to the Children’s Museum of Denver for inviting us to be a part of it.  – JD