Aquaponic Gardening Book Endorsements

Emily and the Writing Couch Emily and the Writing Couch

This past winter I discovered that writing a book is a very solitary endeavor. I was on a tight schedule that required that I write at least a […]

Aquaponic Gardening Book Endorsements2011-07-18T12:37:53-06:00

Aquaponics, Safe Food, and Public Perception

In the past couple of weeks three events have transpired that all fall under the heading of food safety, aquaponics, and how the public perceives the two.

1) The E. coli outbreak in Europe highlights yet again the risks in our current food supply system. In an excerpt from an NYT article run June 6, […]

Aquaponics, Safe Food, and Public Perception2019-05-22T10:41:42-06:00

Aquaponic Gardening Addiction

Aquaponic gardening addiction (Image courtesy of Rick Opersteny)

Aquaponic gardening addiction really starts when your system is cycled and the nitrifying bacteria are converting the fish waste into plant food. But aquaponic gardeners are often more than merely people who set up aquaponic […]

Aquaponic Gardening Addiction2011-05-18T12:40:12-06:00

Aquaponics and Biomimicry

In the wine-infused post-dinner conversation with an out of town house guest this week, a rather profound statement was made. Our guest said “we need to quiet our cleverness” in response to some branch of our conversation. “Wow that is quite an interesting thing to say” was my response, or at least that is how […]

Aquaponics and Biomimicry2011-04-18T12:41:41-06:00

Aquaponics and the Evolution of Fresh

The Farmer’s Market has been a central human tradition through much of our history. Farmers and merchants bring their produce and wares to the town market square on market day and serve their neighbors, exchanging food for currency. In the middle of the last century the Green Revolution, the flight to suburbia, and our new […]

Aquaponics and the Evolution of Fresh2011-04-11T12:42:06-06:00

Images for the Aquaponic Gardening Book

When I turned the manuscript for the Aquaponic Gardening book over to the publisher a month ago it was SUCH a huge relief! I knew I still had to deliver the 80 images I promised for the book by April 15, but how big of a deal could that be? Oh boy, I was sure […]

Images for the Aquaponic Gardening Book2011-04-04T12:42:39-06:00

Aquaponics Inspiration: Charlie Price at TEDx

Have you ever seen a video that so blew you away that when it ended your mind started racing to figure out how to share it with the most number of people possible? I just had that experience this morning, so after sharing this video with the community site, Facebook, and Twitter, I am now […]

Aquaponics Inspiration: Charlie Price at TEDx2020-03-23T16:05:58-06:00

Writing the Aquaponic Gardening Book

It was the most exhilarating push of a ‘send’ button I have ever experienced. On Tuesday, March 1, I sent the manuscript for my new book ‘Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Plants Together’ to my publisher, New Society. If you have ever felt the rush of having a multi-month, […]

Writing the Aquaponic Gardening Book2019-05-22T10:23:48-06:00

Commercial Aquaponics Training

Click here to find out about the Fall, 2012 Commercial Aquaponics Training at Green Acre Aquaponics!

I meet new people almost every day who are interested in pursuing commercial aquaponics and ask me for direction. They usually have no background in farming, hydroponics or aquaculture but are looking to take their lives on a new […]

Commercial Aquaponics Training2016-01-06T10:25:14-07:00

Sweet Water Aquaponics Workshop

I’m sitting in the Milwaukee airport listening to the sounds of the Packers / Bears football game behind me, punctuated by the occasional whoops and cheers from the airport crowd. I’m heading home from the Aquaponics conference at Sweet Water Organics where I’ve been soaking up all manner of aquaponics over the past three […]

Sweet Water Aquaponics Workshop2020-03-09T14:39:00-06:00
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