Luna, our company mascot

By: Tawnya Sawyer

Luna and SylviaLast week we lost our friend and company mascot, Luna, the Tibetan Terrier.  When we first got her twelve and a half years ago, the breeder said that she was the runt of the litter, but also had the most personality.  There was never any doubt about that, and as she grew up with our children she became an integral part of our family.

Tibetan’s are not known for their obedience, and Luna was no exception.  More often than not, she would look over her shoulder when we called for her to “come”, stare straight at us and then race back into the yard.  You could almost hear her weighing her options and deciding that “nope, don’t want to do that right now….”  But if there was a treat involved she was the perfect pup.

She was incredibly social, loved people, and presented her belly for rubbing to anyone who walked in the front door.  The kids named her Luna because she was black and white like the moon in the night sky.  We later decided it was just short for “Luna-tic”.  Much personality indeed.

I talk about her, and her love of the greenhouse, in the introductory chapter of my first book, Aquaponic Gardening.  Luna loved to hunt, and aquaponics was, to her, all about trying to catch those fish.  Over the years we invented multiple barrier types to keep her out of the lower tanks, but she usually figured out how to get around them.  She even succeeded in catching a few fish.

Team Christmas photoWhen the kids left home for college and our business started expanding in the basement she was there with the team.  And when we moved into our Longmont facility her bed was part of my office furniture.  Every morning we would ask her if she was ready to go to work, and she would respond by standing at the door to the garage, as if she were worried about being late.  I half expected her to carry a briefcase.  And when we got to work she had three jobs to do.  First, and foremost, she was in charge of cleaning up any fish feed that hit the floor.  Second, she greeted customers.  And third, she alerted us to any dogs or squirrels that went by.  She was excellent at all aspects of her job.

Luna fishingWe were told in January that Luna had tumors throughout her body and would only be with us for a few more months.  I am so grateful that we had that heads-up because we had time just to spoil and love her in her last few weeks with us.  All the table scraps, canned dog food, treats and belly rubs she wanted.

RIP, dear friend.  We hope doggie heaven is filled with big, slow fish in shallow tanks.RIP luna