Great Gift Ideas for Dads

By: Brent Evans

For Father’s Day this year, consider giving the gift of aquaponics to that special someone. Whether he has expressed a passing interest in aquaponics or is already an advanced aquapon, we have something of interest for all levels of involvement.

Some of these gift ideas for dad could include, but are not limited to:

  1.  Online training or Aquaponics DVDs – If your dad likes to learn in the comfort of his home, then the online training class or DVDs can be a valuable tool to get informed and inspired about aquaponics.Online Course
  2. The Aquaponic Gardening Book – If your dad is new to aquaponics or just needs a handy resource, this is the book that will provide the information necessary to get started and
  3. The Biopod – Let bugs work for dad instead of bugging him! A self-contained, odorless way to produce clean, organic, high protein food for the fish.biopod
  4. The Worm Factory – Let worms do dad’s composting for him!  factory
  5. Worms!! – The dog may be dad’s best friend but worms are the media bed’s best friend!worms
  6. The API Master Test Kit – An essential for any dad to do a great job in “fathering” his fish and plants.api
  7. Iron Test Kit – one of the most needed add-ins in aquaponics is iron.  Dad can know exactly where his levels stand with this test kit. checker
  8.  Chelated Iron Supplement – Once iron levels are known, dad can do something about it!iron
  9. The Dissolved Oxygen Meter – What dad doesn’t love gadgets?  Here’s one for the gadget-loving, serious hobbyist that some of our customers are very fond of.  oxygen
  10. AquaBackup – What happens when dad’s power goes out due to a breaker trip or other wider power outage and no one is home?  Water stops circulating and oxygen is cut off.  Have a back up plan!battery