Giving the Gift of Aquaponics

By: Tawnya Sawyer

Wouldn’t it be fun to involve your grandchild, your parent, or your child’s teacher in this life-giving obsession we call aquaponics?  Sharing something you are passionate about with those you love (or in the case of the teacher those who are loved by those you love) is incredibly rewarding and affirming.  Plus, your gift will probably be the only one under the tree like it, and who doesn’t want brownie points for giving unique, thoughtful gifts?

So here are my suggestions for the best gifts for getting someone involved in aquaponics this season.

  1. AquaponicalsAquaponicals – This is a full blown aquaponics system in miniature. It is a completely unintimidating way to bring someone into the magic of aquaponics with a system all their own.  This beautiful system comes complete with a mini bell siphon and sump tank, and is perfect for children, schools, and anyone who is looking to dip their toe into aquaponic waters.
  2. Aquaminiums – This is the system I have on my desk, and I just gave one to my niece for her birthday. I love its silence, beauty, and simplicity.  It holds one beta fish, one plant, and has no pump so it is totally quiet.  And the acrylic design and integrated LED tank light create a beautiful show piece.
  3. AquaDesigner Tranquility Fountains – This gorgeous little system returns the water from the grow bed to the fish tank via a lovely waterfall. Available in four styles with multiple colors, it is equally at home both inside and out on the deck.
  4. Aquaponic Gardening Education Set – This is the best way for someone to learn about aquaponics before they jump into a system, no matter how small. And this combination of our Aquaponic Gardening book and online course is our most popular approach to aquaponic learning.
  5. Aquaponics Immersion Weekend Course – Do you wish to give a gift to some who is already a bit interested in aquaponics? Score big points by sending them to beautiful Colorado for a fantastic weekend of fun, friendship, and education with our unbeatable Aquaponics Immersion course.
  6. Gift Certificate to The Aquaponic Source (Digital Delivery)Aquaponic Source Gift Certificate – Last, but not least, you can never go wrong with a gift certificate! We will send the recipient an elegant gift card that you can be especially proud of giving.

I hope this has been helpful, and inspired you to inspire those around you to take up aquaponics as a new hobby, or way of life, in 2015!