Nov 15

USDA Certified Organic Fish Food Partnership with Industry Leading Aquaponics Experts

organic logo

USDA Certified Organic Fish Food Partnership with Industry Leading Aquaponics Experts Advanced Biological Concepts has partnered with The Aquaponic Source as the premier retailer for USDA Certified Organic aquaponic food formulated for fish and plants. BOULDER, CO (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 09, 2016 Advanced Biological Concepts has always been a leader in organic farming and is the […]

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Oct 18

The Aquaponic Source Moves to Boulder

The Aquaponic Source is moving from Longmont to Boulder, to expand production and distribution, while a new facility is under construction in Lafayette, CO. The Aquaponic Source is also hosting a large garage sale on Oct 22, 2016. LONGMONT, CO (PRWEB) OCTOBER 13, 2016 The Aquaponic Source located in Longmont, is moving its business office, […]

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Oct 05

Aquaponics and Greenhouse Pioneers Partnership

Aquaponics Greenhouse

Colorado Aquaponics and Ceres Greenhouse Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership to Educate Customers and Bring Energy-Efficient, Integrated Aquaponic Greenhouses to Market. LONGMONT, CO (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 Colorado Aquaponics and Ceres Greenhouse Solutions have partnered to create super energy-efficient, integrated aquaponic greenhouses. The new greenhouse designs build off each companies’ years of research, development and operations […]

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Mar 29

The Aquaponic Source and AquaSprouts Announce School Giveaway

Teacher Training Course

The Aquaponic Source is partnering with AquaSprouts to give away AquaSprouts Gardens and Education Kits to classrooms around the country. LONGMONT, CO (PRWEB) MARCH 29, 2016 The Aquaponic Source and the team at AquaSprouts have come together to fulfill a common goal of creating new education opportunities for aquaponics in the classroom by giving away […]

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Mar 16

Sustain: How Colorado Aquaponics is Changing the Food System


“The food system is out of balance,” says JD Sawyer, founder of Colorado Aquaponics, which houses an aquaponics farm known as Flourish Farms. “We’ve got to figure out a way to have higher quality foods using less resources, period, or it’s not gonna work. It’s really gonna take a grassroots effort. Instead of fighting the […]

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Mar 14

Aquaponic Farm at Mental Health Center of Denver

Mental Health Center of Denver

After more than two years of community meetings, many to seek buy-in from residents, the new Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being opens next month. The new center’s model is unique nationally. It will treat children who have suffered trauma — most often from abuse or neglect — as well as their parents and foster parents. […]

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Mar 14

Denver Business Journal features Flourish Farms

Denver Business Journal

The Sawyers are among a new breed of urban farmer who go beyond the tomato pot on the apartment balcony or the back-yard chicken coup. They are using the techniques of “aquaponics” — growing fish and produce alongside each other, recycling water and waste. And they’re among a growing number of entrepreneurs doing it in […]

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Mar 08


PBS features Story of the GrowHaus

PBS produced this story about The GrowHaus on October 10, 2011. In a low-income neighborhood in Denver, it used to be impossible to find fresh fruit or vegetables. Bordered on all sides by train tracks and highways, the 7,000 residents of Elyria-Swansea don’t have a grocery store within two-and-a-half miles. Click here to see the […]

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Mar 07

CBS 4 Denver Nightly News Story about Colorado Aquaponics and the GrowHaus

   DENVER (CBS4) – Some believe it’s the future of farming because it uses only a fraction of the water.  “The fish waste provides the nutrients to the plants,” explained J.D. Sawyer, owner of Colorado Aquaponics.  Sawyer and his wife Tawnya have created a system of grow beds and holding tanks where fish and garden […]

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Mar 07

Boulder News Team features Aquaponics

The Boulder News Team kindly featured Colorado Aquaponics’ Flourish Farms at GrowHaus. Check out this great video for the full story!   […]

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