Mar 15


The Effects of a UV Sterilizer on an Aquaponics System

uv sterilization effects aquaponics

by Joanne Bell, Grow Lab Manager, The Aquaponic Source We had an unfortunate invasion of planktonic algae (floating microscopic plants) in one of our grow lab systems. Unlike other forms of algae that cling to surfaces, this type is free-floating in the water. In lakes and ponds, some planktonic algae is considered beneficial. But too much […]

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Oct 28

Buyer Beware of the AquaShysters


Last Friday, Alan took a call from a woman who needed help salvaging the aquaponic system that she had hired someone to build for her. Her media grow beds leaked at the point where her siphons were installed, her siphon media guards allowed her media to pass right through, the custom grow bed tables were not […]

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Oct 06


Grow Lab Update – Growing in Fabric Bags

potatoes in bag

If you’ve visited our grow lab anytime since last spring, you would have noticed that we have been doing a lot of experimenting with growing in fabric bags.  Our hypothesis was that they would be great for the following purposes: potatoes in fabric bag Transplanting from dirt – we thought that the bags would make […]

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Jul 09

Aquaponics Grow Lab Update – Aquaponic Elements

One of the main benefits of moving into our facility last year was that we finally have a grow lab.  Back when we were working out of the basement we would experiment with plants and products in our backyard greenhouse system.  The problem was that there was only one fish tank and all the water […]

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Apr 22


Aquaponics in Australia

(Guest post by Robert Armstrong of foodqube – Aquaponics in Australia has had an illustrious beginning. Given Australia’s comparatively small population, it is surprising to note that Australia, alongside the U.S, leads the world in backyard aquaponics adoption. In fact, in 2010 it was estimated that backyard systems globally amounted to roughly 3500 with […]

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Feb 10


10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Aquaponics System

Purchasing an aquaponics system can be a daunting and expensive venture, and, unfortunately, there are a lot of big claims being made by other aquaponics businesses about their systems.  Before you buy a “cheaper” aquaponics system that you may regret PLEASE ask the following questions: 1) Is shipping and/or local delivery included?   Our systems […]

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Feb 02


The Carbonates Controversy in Aquaponics

Last May I wrote a post titled “pH and Water Hardness in Your Aquaponics System”. In that post, I explored the relationship between pH movement, alkalinity and KH or carbonate hardness.  Since then, there has been some swirling controversy about the use of carbonates in aquaponics.  In this post, I hope to end the controversy […]

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Oct 31


Aquaponic Grow Lights

I’ll let you in on a secret.  When we first started The Aquaponic Source website in the spring of 2010, I had very little interest in carrying grow lights.  Yes, I knew grow lights were critical to indoor growing.  Yes, our customers were going to expect us to carry a complete line of lighting equipment.  But […]

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Sep 25


Aquaponics Education Program

by Tim Day When I first got started in aquaponics, I went straight to youtube. Then Google. Then a couple of dodgy sales pitch sites. Then back to google and youtube. Eventually I found my way to Amazon and got a hold of Sylvia’s book and Murray Hallam’s DVDs. Wow, I’m glad I did. Before […]

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Sep 16


Aquaponics Disaster Preparedness

To say this past week has been a tough one for the communities where I live (Boulder, CO) and work (Longmont, CO) would be an extreme understatement.  Record rainfalls causing major floods have forced us all to focus strictly on life’s basics.  Is our home safe?  Is the drinking water safe? Are our friends and […]

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