Sep 13

Aquaponics to be CERTIFIED as Organic?

I know what you are probably thinking…aquaponics is already organic, so what’s the call for help all about? We all know that aquaponics is about building a flourishing ecosystem, reducing resource consumption, and growing incredibly nutritious food. Those are givens. But as an industry, the opportunity for aquaponics to be CERTIFIED as organic is under […]

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Sep 09


Household Food Security

Secure Your Food Source “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success” – Henry Ford Household food security no matter what happens We all enjoy the convenience of dropping into the grocery store for those few last minute necessities and we hope that it will always be there. But things can happen so it might […]

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Jan 04

Aquaponics Addiction

Don’t trust anyone who tells you that there isn’t an aquaponics addiction. There is. It’s like a drug habit where you just have to keep getting more and more to be satisfied. If you don’t believe me, prowl around on the Australian forums and see what is happening to them out there. Systems start with […]

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Apr 10

Mid-Pacific Institute Aquaponics Project

Using aquaponics as an educational tool is something that we are quite passionate about at The Aquaponic Source. Aquaponics is an amazing way to teach biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, and more via a single, integrated system. But when you add Entrepreneurship to the mix it is irresistible! So when a group of 9th graders from […]

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Jan 21

The Green Acres Aquaponic Farming: Complete Course just got better

For those of you who have already taken the course you might be saying to yourself ‘how could that be?’ The Green Acres Aquaponic Farming course has now been taught four times and to over 200 students. After each course the students fill out an evaluation, and 100% have said that they would recommend the […]

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Nov 27

Aquaponics and the 2012 Election Part 2 – GMOs and Farmers

In last week’s post, I focused on what I viewed as the good news for aquaponics from the 2012 elections. This week I’ll address the other side of the coin, specifically the rejection of California’s Proposition 37 GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling referendum and the passage of the Farmer’s Rights amendment to the North Dakota […]

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Jul 09

Commercial Aquaponics Training and Why Experience Matters

What follows is a guest post by Gina Cavaliero of Green Acre Aquaponics about why it is so important to seek out experienced farmers (and marketers) when you are considering going into commercial aquaponics. I am proud to say that Gina, JD, and I will be co-teaching Green Acres Aquaponic Farming – The Complete Course […]

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Jun 13


Aquaponics and our Returning Military

The other day I was on Facebook and an instant message window popped up. It was a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan and coming home in a few months. He had read my book and talked about how excited he was to be “coming home to some green” after spending so much time in the […]

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Jun 06


Aquaponics in Seattle and the Mother Earth News Fair

Last week I had the pleasure of spending most of the week in Seattle. The highlight of course, was spending time with my daughter, a sophomore at the University of Washington (UW). But the rest of the time was spent in a variety of Aquaponics endeavors that I’d like to share with you here. Day […]

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Apr 09

Aquaponics in Japan

This past Monday I returned home from a 10 day trip through Japan with my son. It was a high school graduation gift for him (in part to exercise his four years of Japanese language classes) and a birthday present for me (one of those big deal birthdays that end in a zero. Can you […]

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