Aquaponics and our Returning Military

By: Tawnya Sawyer

Aquaponics Soldier Thank youThe other day I was on Facebook and an instant message window popped up. It was a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan and coming home in a few months. He had read my book and talked about how excited he was to be “coming home to some green” after spending so much time in the drab brown of Afghanistan.

This got me thinking about the life-affirming nature of Aquaponics that I typically take for granted. How much I would miss the feel and smell of leaves and flowers, and the splash of the fish excited for their feed if I weren’t always around it! I would like to be able to give this back to those who have served our country in these dry, desert places.

Returning Military: Sgt. Vance Combs
Sgt. Vance Combs – Aquaponic Gardener

The next day we set up a program offering a $10 discount on the Aquaponic Gardening book to all returning military veterans (plus free shipping). It is a small gesture, but hopefully it is something meaningful to some of these heroic men and women. The Green Acre Aquaponic Farming Course teachers have also agreed to offer a $200 discount on the upcoming Colorado course being taught at the end of October. To qualify, interested returning vets from Iraq or Afghanistan just need to send something that verifies their service to

Hopefully we can inspire some of our returning best and brightest to join us in the worldwide movement to transform agriculture! And at the very least, get them ‘coming home to some green’ again.