Aquaponics Addiction

By: Tawnya Sawyer

Don’t trust anyone who tells you that there isn’t an aquaponics addiction. There is. It’s like a drug habit where you just have to keep getting more and more to be satisfied. If you don’t believe me, prowl around on the Australian forums and see what is happening to them out there. Systems start with 100 gallons and one bed, then become 300 gallons and 4 beds. Pretty soon you are floating bass and barramundi in the community pool.

aquaponics addictionCase in point. Take a look at this wonderful blog called Pool 2 Pond. This guy has taken this horrible, old concrete pool and created a backyard aquaponics utopia. I start salivating every time I see these photos. Don’t you?

My personal experience with aquaponics addiction has been a sad tale of expansion as well. Started with a 70 gallon pond liner from Home Depot. When that sprung a leak (I didn’t puncture it, I swear) I replaced it with a 120 gallon version – the fish were getting bigger and needed more room, right? Now I’m up to 120 tilapia and assorted goldfish in 3 tanks – 2 200 gallon and 1 300 gallon. Sad, but true. Save yourself while you still can.