Short answer: It depends on which Growasis you choose and the length of the system.

The tools you might need are (Circular Saw, Utility knife)

Our Growasis elevated and double decker systems require you to purchase 3/4″ OSB plywood paneling to support the liner and water weight. Modular systems starting at 8′ lengths and increasing by 8′ lengths (8′, 16′ 24’…) will not require any cross cuts of the plywood. However, modular raft systems starting at 12′ and increasing by 8′ lengths (12′, 20′, 28’…) will require one of the panels to be cut as a 4×4′ section. When you pickup your plywood check with your local supplier (ie Home Depot or Lowes) as they may provide free cuts on site so you don’t have to.

Our 2′ wide Growasis Elevated Raft Systems will require a 2′ wide piece of plywood. In this case a rip cut lengthwise through the plywood will be required. Again check with your local supplier. Otherwise any plywood cuts can be performed with a circular saw following the directions and equipment safety recommendations.

For Growasis Ground Level Systems we strongly recommend laying full size rigid insulation panels (1″ x 4′ x 8′) on the ground between the framing system. This will help to keep your water from losing valuable heat into the ground below. For 8′ wide troughs, the frame is designed to allow for two full size sheets to fit between each 8′ cross bar support without needing to cut the insulation panels.

You also have the option to add 1″ insulation panels into the sidewalls between the vertical support pipes. These panels can be cut to fit with a utility knife according to the directions. This must be done before installation of the liner.