There are a lot of ways to grow crops so why grow in deep water?

  • Plants don’t die when the power goes out – This cannot be claimed with any vertical or NFT based growing system. In our DWC troughs, plant roots are constantly submerged in nutrient rich water staying hydrated even during an extended power loss or pump failure.
  • Precise crop spacing – We use Beaver Plastics food grade lettuce rafts boards that have evenly spaced, pre cut and tapered holes for planting seedlings. For example, a 28 hole raft board will allow you to plant up to 3.5 plants per sq ft. This is important particularly for commercial growers who are producing specific quantities for market. Production and financial metrics can be easily determined. Plant spacing can be modified depending on the type of crops.  
  • Thermal Mass and Stability – Water is the best source of thermal mass. In other words, it retains heat extremely well compared to other materials. The large volume of water in a Growasis Floating Raft System provides greater buffering capacity and stability in water temperature, pH and other water quality parameters. A large volume of water can also help to passively heat and cool your growing environment.
  • Easy Planting and Harvesting – Crops can easily be transplanted from a nursery directly into the raft boards. Harvesting can be done right on the raft boards at the trough or the raft boards can be picked up and moved to a convenient height and location for harvesting. Our Growasis elevated systems make it even easier by being conveniently positioned at waist height. 
  • Proven Technology and Results – Deep water culture growing has been around for decades and has been proven as an excellent growing method through extensive research and commercial applications. Our farms have used deep water growing systems for years and they have been the preferred growing method among all of our farmers producing thousands of crops every week.