It Depends… (You probably saw that one coming). There’s a lot to be said on this topic but here is one way of addressing the “it depends” answer. The following tables present a range of hypothetical production numbers, price points and the resulting potential gross revenue.  The second table lists several of the many factors that will influence those numbers. In order to achieve profitability in your farm you will have to manage these factors (and others) to ensure the best production and financial performance for your farm. In our Flourish Farm Business Course we spend a lot of time focusing and training farmers on how to manage these factors. 

Cells in dark green illustrate the wide range of potential revenues a farm can theoretically have based upon price vs. annual harvests. Average Culture Time represents the time from which the seedling was transplanted into the main DWC troughs to when it was harvested. One farm may be turning their product at a much faster rate than another farm and selling at a much higher price point. In other words, two identical farms can perform much differently depending on the variety of factors listed below. In general, your farm will likely perform somewhere in the middle of the range represented by the green cells. 

Please download our Flourish Farm Overview Document for more specific production details on each farm. You can also purchase and download our Farm Production and Financial Planning Tool to help create your own farm financial plans at any scale.