Each farm utilizes a single main pump in normal operating mode running continuously. When running in decoupled mode the farm utilizes two pumps simultaneously. The energy estimates in the below are for water and air pumps required to run the farm. We offer options to heat the water using propane, natural gas or electric as well. Electric heat can be expensive and can significantly increase the energy footprint of the farm and not included in the estimates below. If you need to heat the water we generally recommend one of our propane or natural gas heating units. These units can be sized appropriately for each farm based upon the total water volume and expected temperature delta. Electrical estimates below also do not include greenhouse or building HVAC systems, lighting or other electrical equipment. 

Wattage estimates represent all pumps, aerators and controllers for each farm. Not all equipment runs simultaneously or 24/7 so your actual power consumption could be even less than what is shown below.

Flourish 23 x 40′ Farm = 476 watts

Flourish 30 x 52′ Farm = 607 watts

Flourish 30 x 96′ Farm =  930 watts