Below is the Christmas letter from our newest AquaBundance retailer – Howard in Puerto Rico. I am sharing it with you (with his permission) because I think it is a fitting tribute to aquaponics as a gift to a hungry world.
Happy Holidays.
Subject: Aquaponics Can Feed Hungry Kids & The World

My first unit is here in PR now. I will be moving back into the old condo the end of January where I will set it up and start on a new venture to teach the hungry how to feed themselves.

Hunger Solution?
Home Aquaponics!
The Sustainable Food System Designed by God!

hungry child

Aquaponics can feed the world with energy-efficient, sustainable food-production methods. Individuals and families with backyard aquaponics systems will do a lot of this important work. The agribusiness and mega-farms have become the single source of our food, and that needs to change. As aquaponics systems become known, backyard aquaponics systems will become more common, until every neighborhood has one, and then everyone in the neighborhood will want one too! This will put tremendous power back into the hands of individuals, as they become more and more responsible for their own food security and head toward what could be refer to as ‘food freedom’.

1 in 7 Americans rely on food stamps

That’s 43,218,000 People

Time to wake up Americans while we still can!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

Love, hpb/dad
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