I can always count on Michael Cosmo in our AquaponicsCommunity site to add a wonderful sense of philosophical humor to the conversation. Below is his rebuttal, of sorts, to my recent post about adopting Pacus, and my well known angst with eating my tilapia. Thanks for your unique perspective, Michael. You made my morning.
Michael Cosmo AquaponicsCommunity.com

While carefully reading the recent posts by Sylvia and David I quickly realized that they have been converted by those Alien Tilapia. Please volunteer to help us plan an intervention for those Alien follower Aquapons that say “just can’t get myself to eat my Tilapia”. Even my good friend Ron has informed me that his family is naming his fish. How is he going to be able to get them. I told him he can eat my fish and I can eat his. Our secret plan.

Fellow Aquapons we are on the GREAT EPICUREAN QUEST together. Don’t let our fellow travelers be brain washed by these Aliens. Their crafty tactics of enlisting the pretty Pacu to get to our leader to not eat his fellow tilapia swimmers is a ruse. Alas, these are not the Earthlings known as the cute little gold fish and docile cat fish that we raise.

We can help you. Just start small. Eat a clam – it has no eyes. Then a shrimp. They have beady eyes. A fish sandwich from a fast food restaurant or some frozen fish sticks. Another aquapon can then invite you over for a fish fry.Invite these infected Aquapons over for dinner and FEED them Tilapia.

We are not the mindless slaughter houses keepers of the Aquaculturist. We are enlightened Aquapons. We love mother earth and our fishes. What is next? We can’t eat that cucumber because it is looking at me every time I go to the garden. Ha! bite down on that veggie. Graze on those plants while you walk through the garden. Let them know what evolutionary enlightenment those veggies and fish will experience when they have been consumed by the top of the food chain.

Surely you understand that I am not talking about the twelve 7″ wonderful buddies that live in the 100 gallon resort I created for them on my pool deck. These little guys are my friends. They smile at me and dance when I feed them. They aren’t like those other Alien tilapia that live in the tank in the Greenhouse. No No, they are far too beautiful. I could never…….