Have you ever seen a video that so blew you away that when it ended your mind started racing to figure out how to share it with the most number of people possible? I just had that experience this morning, so after sharing this video with the community site, Facebook, and Twitter, I am now sharing it with you!

The video shows Charlie Price who runs Aquaponics UK, presenting at a TEDx event in Warwick, England. First, I’m a big fan of TED talks. They are usually about 10 – 20 minutes long and are given by some of the most incredible, inspirational people in the world on fantastically creative solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our time. They are presented in an engaging, visual format and are NEVER boring. If you haven’t explored their website at TED.com and signed up for their weekly emails, I highly recommend you consider it.

Second, I’m a big fan of Charlie Price. I had a chance to meet Charlie when I was at the Sweetwater Organics aquaponics conference in January and was blown away by what this mild-mannered, brilliant, warm Brit has managed to accomplish in aquaponics. He talks about one of his projects (Farm: Shop) on this video, but keep in mind that this is only one of many ongoing initiatives that he has taken on.

Plus, Charlie truly understands the deep potential of aquaponics, and the vital role it can play to help address our global food challenges. As he points out in his summary:

  • We will need 50% more food to feed the earth’s population by 2030
  • In order to do this we need to do three things:
    1. Produce more food with less input
    2. Grow food everywhere we possibly can
    3. Reconnect people with their food
  • Aquaponics can play a key role in accomplishing all of these goals

He is an outstanding spokesperson for the potential of aquaponics. I’m proud to have him as one of the leaders of our movement!