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Have you been searching for aquaponics classes? You’ve come to the right place! ¬†We are excited to tell you about our Aquaponic Gardening Online Course on It is based on my book, “Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Vegetables Together ” and it really brings the book to life with demonstrations and examples. Just as with the book, the goal of this course is to create successful, aquaponic gardeners using media-based aquaponic growing techniques. It is designed to be easy to follow, comprehensive, and fun. And it’s not just us saying this…the reviews from students have been GREAT!

Aquaponics classes rating

“When I received the email about the online course I jumped on it. It’s an amazing course and I can’t thank Sylvia enough. She is a great inspiration and an EXCELLENT teacher. I used to teach in a cooking school so I know how important it is to engage your audience. She is spot on!”

Bobby McGovern, President
Reservations Master

Here are some of the course highlights

  • Online so you can take this course anytime it is convenient for you
  • You are in control! Start and stop, repeat and watch the videos in whatever order you want
  • Lifetime access – no limits!
  • The most comprehensive of any aquaponics classes¬†available today
    • 5.5 hours of organized, fascinating learning content!
    • 33 Video / PowerPoint “Mashup” Presentations
    • 17 “Diving Deeper” articles
    • 2 Downloadable Handy Tracking Charts
  • Based on the Aquaponic Gardening Book
  • Even available to watch on your iPhone or iPad through an Udemy app!

“I am loving your course! To be honest it is the best, clearest, most well-rounded, most well-structured and easy to follow online course I have ever seen.”

Paula Costa
Manager R&D and Technical Support, Growstone, Inc.

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” It is a very well done course. I’ve taught University of Phoenix online for about 10 years, and been involved with online education development at Montana State University and Santa Rosa Junior College. Udemy has a great format. The videotaped lecture with white board next to the precision drawings is very helpful. I like being able to pick out which topic to listen to, or listen to again that’s very helpful for adults. “

Scott Lorbeer, Ed.D.
Science Lab Coordinator
Petaluma Campus
Santa Rosa Junior College

The Udemy Format

We love this format…and we think you will too! Most of the lectures are what is called a Video / Presentation Mashup at Udemy. What that means is that you will see a video of myself or Alan (my husband and partner) talking and demonstrating on the left, and PowerPoint slides on the right with details to keep the concepts straight. But you don’t need to do anything – the slides will just appear at the correct time!

Another nice feature is that you can ask your questions right there on the right side when they actually occur to you. And you can see what questions others have asked, and how they’ve been answered. Maybe one of your fellow classmates was wondering the very same thing!


“I am presently deployed to Afghanistan. I am trying to learn as much about Aquaponics prior to my return home so that when I do get home I am able to start dabbling in AP right away. I just want to say: What an excellent course! Just to be able to go back and review when needed is great. You spoke in simple to understand language. The old expression certainly fits here: A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Penny Coulon
Kandahar Afghanistan

The Udemy Dashboard

Your personal dashboard is what you will see first when you log into the course. How many lectures you have completed is tracked for you at the top of the page. Then the video lectures are listed within chapters. Once you have stared watching a lesson the bubble next to it will show up in green and you can resume the lecture right where you left off!
At the top, right of the screen you can see the Course Announcements and learn when the next Online Chat session has been scheduled. You can also see your questions and comments, along with other course participants, right below that.


“Diving Deeper” and “Print and Use”

At the end of the course there is a series of articles and blog posts that I’ve written that I think are particularly relevant to new aquaponic gardeners who are smitten with this growing technique (and I hope that is you!) and want to dive deeper. I recommend enjoying them at your leisure either when you are done with the course, or when you just need a break!

“Print and Use” contains two handy charts for tracking your test kit results and for tracking system maintenance.

Aquaponics classes have never been easier!

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