Get ready…it’s going to be even better than last year!  I am helping organize the 2012 Aquaponics Association Conference in Denver, CO with Gina Cavaliero of Green Acre Aquaponics and JD Sawyer of Colorado Aquaponics.  Along with the rest of the executive board of the AA, we are pulling together an event about which we are all extremely excited, and by the end of this blog I think you will understand why.

First, one of the lessons learned from the evaluations last year was that you wanted more breakout sessions, and you wanted each of them to be longer. Well, this year not only are the sessions a full 45 minutes each, but we have more than twice as many speakers this year speaking conducting more than twice as many sessions!

And then there are the speakers themselves. I think I can safely say that Denver is going to see the most amazing collection of aquaponics luminaries ever assembled. It starts with our keynote speakers – Dr. James Rakocy of the University of the Virgin Islands and Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens. Don’t you just love the contrast that these two incredible men will present?  Dr. Rakocy is the scientist whose 30 year academic career laid the groundwork for every raft-based commercial aquaponics system in operation today. Plus Glen Martinez, who comes from the permaculture, home gardening world and the media- based side of Aquaponics.   Then we have two incredible Featured speakers. First is Dr. James Ebeling, co-author of the industry text, “Recirculating Aquaculture”, who is followed by Australian Dr. Wilson Lennard of Aquaponic Solutions.

Then, we are bringing back the most popular features of last year’s conference. The Friday Farm Tours are back again, and this time the focus is on Urban Aquaponics.  But this year we are doing it with buses so no rental car needed!  We are also bringing back Murray Hallam for the popular “Sunday Morning With Murray” segment.

If you are reading my blog you are probably an Aquaponics enthusiast. And if you are an Aquaponics enthusiast you need to be in Denver September 21st through the 23rd for the 2012 Aquaponics Association Conference. Click here to register and I’ll see you there!