This is what people who read “Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Vegetables Together” had to say …

Last year a group of Ohio State students took a trip down to Siete de Mayo, Honduras to construct an aqauaponics system for families who can not afford to buy protein, but who were willing to grow their own. Your book was one of the main inspirations for the design that ended up being built….…I just wanted to thank you for publishing Aquaponic Gardening as it is the most helpful book out there for single-family aquaponics design.

Jeremy Shechter
Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
The Ohio State University

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you again how awesome your book is! You spent a LOT of time researching, organizing, and planning. It is obvious to me what a labor of love it was. It is organized in such a useful manner, then with a recap at the end of each chapter! Amazing! Everytime I pick it up, I think “what a great tool this is”! It has been my guide and bible and I refer to it almost daily. Well thought out, well written, well organized, easy to follow. No fluff, all meat. A genuine “How-To” manual.
My “engineer” was commenting on it today (I bought him his own copy). We are fans.

Bruce Miller

To say that I am impressed is an understatement. Whether you’re an Aquaponics beginner who just wants to develop food in your yard, or a seasoned skilled, you will want to have this book in your library.

Biological Sciences Book Reviews

This book will take you from knowing nothing about how to grow plants and fish together, to being able to set up and run your own aquaponics system. “Sylvia covers ,in depth, every topic associated with aquaponics.Despite having her own forum, store, etc, she only mentions them as resources, never pushes them as the best or only place to buy/get information, which is nice.”

Homestead Dad Blog

I just wanted to thank you personally for all the time and effort you put into us aquapons. I was finally able to finish my home system last week and add my fish, it was so great to finally finish a project that I have been studying up on, constructing, and dreaming about for the last two years. Couldn’t help but be grateful for all your help and for writing an awesome book that serves as an inspiration to us all. I’m lovin’ all the greens I have been able to grow lately; it’s so therapeutic to go out to my garage as it gets colder outside. I feel as long as I am able to grow things, I can get through the winter till the next growing season. Anyway, thanks again!

Alex Veidel

I just wanted to let you know your book is beyond awesome! I’m not the type of person that can not sit down and read a book from cover to cover, and I did it with this book in less than a week!

Jamie Niemeyer

I have just finished reading your excellent book, I am not normally a avid reader but found I just couldn’t put it down. You have really inspired me to have a go at aquaponics.

Tony Bennett

Thanks so much for the book! Really, really wonderful. I like the overall organization and so many little things about it. Like the section at the end about “You know you’re addicted to aquaponics if…”–that was hilarious. Had to go to the 2nd page of it before finding one that didn’t apply to me! And all those appendices! Like going to a dessert shop after dinner and getting one of everything. I think your book will be the right thing at the right time for a lot of people. I think time will show your book to be a significant milestone in the development of the field.

Paul Trudeau

I do want to tell you that I think the book iswonderful – I have not read it cover to cover … but I’ve read bits and pieces-probably about 1/2 of it so far – and really adore the book. So very clear, straight forward, *real* and informative! How I would have appreciated this book when I first was setting up!! You’ve done a great job 🙂

Lori Platt

Thanks for writing a great book, I refer to it as my bible and carry it around every day ; )

Mordur Gunnarsson Ottesen

Loved your book. And I always wanted an Aerogarden but was too worried about refills, so glad you are making aquaponics accessible to people!!!

Sharon Johnson

Thanks again for your wonderful book. My wife and I have read it cover-to-cover, twice each!

Troy Martz

My daughter and I just finished reading your aquaponics book. We were very glad to have something that put it all together for us. I’m sure it will be a great reference for us as we explore aquaponics. We are excitingly planning out our system and determining what is within our budget.


This is a very important book to own if you are in any way interested in aquaponics.

Aman Inavan

Thank you so much for writing your book – it is a comfort to see in black and white that I am not so crazy.

Juliet Jenkins

Thank you very much for your book, Aquaponics Gardening. I read the entire book in 24 hours. I was bit by the aquaponics bug big-time two months ago, when a friend told me that it is not that hard to do. I have been learning here and there, but your book is by far the best resource I have found yet. Thank you so much for writing it.

Mark Beeksma

Just got my copy of your book “Aquaponic Gardening”. So far a GREAT book because you highlight the level of global food insecurity. This book matches my lifestyle – thank you.

Anwaar Arnold

Your new book is Fantastic! I especially like the “Rules of Thumb” and Your best disasters!

Quinn McCarty

Thanks for signing my book. Have started reading it and have really enjoyed it so far. I can see the addiction growing.

Jim McKown

I am just messaging you to say how amazed I am with your book! You really did a terrific job with it. It covered way more than I thought it would and I practically slept with it under my pillow.

Jonathan Farrand

I received my copy of your book, AP Gardening. You done good. Enough pictures for the ADHDers, like me. Good logical divisions and grouping of topics. I’m a technical writer and know what I’m talking about! Very nicely done! Thanks for all the effort you put into it.

Bob Jordan

Your book is extraordinary. I am so pleased for you and all those who get a chance to read it.

Louis B. Smith

Subject: AP Gardening book rocks!

Sylvia, I wanted to say… I love the book. Its very easy to follow, and everything is there. I like the quotes and pics of different systems, it really makes you want to build an AP garden. I have recommended it to others, as well as the hydroponic shop in town that sponsors me.

Rob Nash
Austin Aquaponics

I am reading your book and can offer a true rave. It’s very well written, factual, and exactly what I as a true beginner need. It answers all my questions and I’m eager to get started. I am going to see if your local paper will let me review it.

Michael Welber

(from those who received advanced copies)

Sylvia Bernstein’s Aquaponic Gardening has raised the bar by setting a new standard for what DIY books should strive to be. Clear, concise, comprehensive… Sylvia has found the ideal balance by wonderfully simplifying complex concepts and making more basic ones entertaining and fun to review. This isn’t just another book for dummies; this is a comprehensive handbook on how to grow real food, using aquaponic methods so meticulously documented, that failure is not an option. Regardless of your age or gardening experience, Aquaponic Gardening will soon have you convinced as well that anyone can grow and enjoy their own safe vegetables and fish, organically, locally, and sustainably with aquaponics!

Jeff Edwards
President, Progressive Gardening Trade Association (PGTA)

I have always wanted to put my money where my mouth is and figure out how to do sustainable aquaculture in the context of my home garden. Finally I’ve got the book to help me do it.

Paul Greenberg
Best Selling Author, Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food

This is a delightful book to read! The author’s style, personal interjections, and her fellow enthusiast’s case studies make it highly entertaining. Best of all its technically accurate and the technical material is comprehensive and very well explained. I’ve been involved with hydroponics and aquaculture for 30 years and still learned from reading this very thorough how-to book.

Henry A. Robitaille, PhD
Former General Manager, The Land Exhibit, Epcot Center

Aquaponic Gardening is an inspiring guide for those seeking to grow their own fresh produce. Learning how to garden through the creation of a completely balanced ecosystem is now clearly understandable, even to inexperienced gardeners.Combining aquaculture and hydroponics is an innovative way for giving every household the ability to meet basic nutrition needs.

Michael C. Metallo
President and CEO, National Gardening Association

Sylvia Bernstein has provided the “aquapons of the world” with a clear, impassioned,and elegant “Bible” to spread the good news about aquaponics. This book provides the newly inspired with clear rules of thumb for best practice and codifies the knowledge rapidly developing in the emerging planetary community of aquaponics practice.

In 2005 when I encountered Will Allen and team’s Growing Power miracle, I knew that great things would ensue from that urban agriculture center. Similarly, in reading Sylvia’s book, inspired both by her close friendships and working relations with a number of the world’s leading aquaponic authorities, but also by her central role in an open source aquaponic community, I know we can anticipate great things from her as well!

James J. Godsil, co-founder
Sweet Water Organics
Sweet Water Foundation


“Aquaponic Gardening” is an excellent primer for anyone considering home-scale aquaculture. Whatever your location or methods, the information should prove invaluable. Fish are within reach!

Peter Bane
Publisher of Permaculture Activist magazine
Author of “A Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country,”

Fans of aquaponics know it is the greenest, most natural, most earth-friendly way to raise organic produce and protein for your family. Now the thousands of people who are discovering aquaponics every day have a resource for moving from the dream to the step-by-step reality of raising fish and food in their homes, yards, and even businesses. Sylvia’s book tackles all the issues in a clear, easy and entertaining way. From budget-friendly ways to get started to the science of what makes aquaponics work, Sylvia makes home aquaponics easy for anyone to understand and implement in their lives.

John Thompson
Sr. VP Sales and Marketing (and Basement and Backyard Aquaponist)
AeroGrow International, Inc.

This book is a vital resource for urban homesteaders. An accessible and comprehensive guide to home aquaponics has been sorely needed, and “Aquaponic Gardening” more than fits the bill. From the introduction to the oh-so-helpful troubleshooting section at the end, this book lays out exactly what you need to know to grow fish and plants together, right where you live!

Sundari Kraft
Author, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Urban Homesteading”

Sylvia Bernstein’s “Aquaponic Gardening” opens a new frontier for the hobby gardener looking for an easier, more sustainable way to grow plants. Using wastewater from fish to fertilize plants takes both hydroponics and teaming with microbes to whole, new and different levels of horticulture, or should I say new depths! The science is so well explained, it is easily understood. I am ready to start. I love this book!

Jeff Lowenfels
Author, Teaming With Microbes

Having put together an aquaponics systems with my students at Naropa University, we were fortunate to have the incredible resource of practical wisdom that is Sylvia Bernstein. Her willingness to share in an open source format her accumulated experience was critical to our system’s success. As an environmental studies educator, the opportunity to teach hands-on direct methods toward developing sustainable food systems is crucial. I believe that home-scale aquaponics will become as common as the backyard chicken coop as we move toward a regenerative future that has made food security a priority.

Marco Chung-Shu Lam
Permaculture Instructor, Environmental Studies Adjunct Faculty, Naropa University

The book we’ve all been waiting for…. a truly comprehensive guide to all things aquaponic. This is a “must read” for any aquaponic enthusiast and truly a resource to cherished

Charlie Price
Founder, Aquaponics UK

Sylvia masterfully lays out the art of giving balance to an ecosystem of flora and fauna. She keeps the initial planning straightforward, but also thoroughly treats those unusual cases we all run into with the particulars of our own corners of the world.

Britta Riley

For those of you who want to grow fish I definitely recommend this book as a simplified method of constructing and operating an aquaponic garden. It is well presented with easy to follow step-by-step instructions to construct a hobby system. Similar to hydroponic systems the key to success with aquaponics is to keep it simple with a good understanding of the needed parameters. That is discussed in a very clear way in this book. With the simplified systems presented here, I feel it is much easier to achieve success on a small-scale hobby basis than I had thought in the past.

Dr. Howard M. Resh
Author, Hydroponic Food Production

Sylvia has captured every pertinent detail imaginable into one concise how to for the home aquaponic gardener. If you want to garden aquaponically, this is the one source that will guide you from start to finish while also taking you on a wonderful trip through Sylvia’s own personal aquaponic journey. As a commercial grower utilizing raft technology, Aquaponic Gardening was an incredible tool for us as we explore and expand into the media world. I would absolutely recommend it for anyone, whether novice or professional, interested in aquaponic growing.

Gina Cavaliero
Managing Director
Green Acre Organics / Aquaponics Enterprises, Inc.

Every time I enter Sylvia’s aquaponic greenhouse, a powerful sense of inspired well-being envelops me almost instantly, and after reading Aquaponic Gardening, I understand why. Along with the obvious health and environmental benefits of nutritious home-grown food produced from an ecologically regenerative system, aquaponic gardening feeds the spirit by reconnecting us with Gaia’s brilliant web. Read Aquaponic Gardening, and Sylvia’s passionately intelligent wisdom will guide you on a journey abundant with inspired well-being.

Dr. Virginia F. Gurley,MD, MPH
Preventive Medicine Physician and Founder, Auraviva

Aquaponic Gardening is a significant contribution to the knowledge bank of Aquaponics information. This book is easy to read and is packed with information that will be very useful to the beginner and advanced Aquaponics practitioner alike. Congratulations Sylvia.

Murray Hallam
Founder, Practical Aquaponics

When it comes to the emerging field of aquaponics, Sylvia Bernstein is one of those inspired innovators you need to pay close attention to. She’s not only a hand-on technical expert, but also an avid experimenter willing to test out new theories and approaches on her quest to push the envelope of traditional thinking.

More importantly, she’s just getting started.

Futurist Thomas Frey
DaVinci Institute

A practical, easy-to-follow guide that takes the mystery out of Aquaponics. Now everyone can grow their own food even if they do not have a green thumb. Sylvia’s book is groundbreaking for the Aquaponics movement. This easy-to-follow guide is packed full of information and in no time you will be growing your own food. Sylvia’s book takes the mystery out and the knowledge in your hands on how to construct your own Aquaponic system. It truly is revolutionary.

Ann Forsthoefel
Former Executive Director, Portland Farmers Market

When we finished reading this book we looked at each other and all we could say was WOW. It covers all of the major points (and then some!) about aquaponics and the depth of detail to which everything is explained makes this a valuable, must-have reference book for the aquaponics community for years. It’s exactly what is needed and we have no doubt it’s going to be incredibly popular. It might take a little bit of time for the general public to catch up with us and other ‘early adopters’ but when they do (and they will) this book is going to be the top book recommended to them by all who really know what they’re talking about.

Jesse Hull & Molly Stanek
Imagine Aquaponics

Boulder, CO is an amazing incubator for ideas that later spread to our larger world. My wish is that Sylvia’s revolutionary “how to” aquaponic wisdom becomes an adopted approach to food cultivation. I look forward to using this book to introduce aquaponics into my private and professional endeavors.

Matt McMullen
Director, Facilities Management and Sustainability
UCAR-University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Sylvia Bernstein’s passion for aquaponics, and personal stake in the subject make this book an essential read for anyone interested in the concept of sustainably produced food. A step-by-step guide to setting up your own system, it will hopefully provide green-fingered gardeners everywhere the inspiration they need to give it a go at home.

Marijke Peters
Producer – Earth Beat
Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Sylvia’s book is full of informative aquaponic procedural gems. I am going to recommend this book to all of my clients both educational and commercial. It is well worth the read.

Myles Harston
Founder, AquaRanch

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