Q: Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: From Cedar Lake Indiana for 45 years. Then my husband Jay wanted to go on the road . So we sold everything. Bought a RV and went all over the USA. For 8 1/2 years . Three years ago we bought 27 acres in South Central Ky.
I love plants and work with them for half my live.Love to swimming and play pickle ball.and make things out of wood. And Make Jewelry.I like to stay busy.

Q: How did you get interested in aquaponics?

A: Have a friend Linda that I met in Fl. Telling me about it. Her girl was doing it, Then I started learning about GMO and all the bad things going on with are food .And I can’t eat gluten. It gets me really sick. I eat lots more veg,and green .for my Health .


Q: How are you currently working with aquaponics? Home setup, community greenhouse, etc.

A: I just put up a green house 16 x 24 last month and got all my two IBU tanks in them. Then got bought of them running.One with 60 s tilapia and one with 20 blue Gil in them .But five of the blue Gil die.
Then order two 6×11 liner to make 8 for beds . I could wait to get them .It seems like it took for ever to get here.But I got so bless when they got here. They both were longer then I ask for . I was thinking it was a sign from up above. telling me to to go for it. so I’m getting two 14 foot Deep water beds up . I’m feeling so lucky . So far I have one 14 ft bed up.
I been having a hard time with the nitrite , nitrate .The ammonia is down .But nitrite,nitrate are so high so worry I’m going the kill my fish. Today I’m seeing by first cucumber start. Last week I was having my grand son pee in it .Because the Ammonia was high .He didn’t want to do it but he finely did. Lolo It worked it came down.Funny.

Q: Tell us about your system. Geek out a bit and tell us all the specs.

A: Still working on the 14 foot bed to get it to run with out the pump run dry. I have only 70 gal chop tank need to get two more so I don’t have to be in there all day putting water in the tank and making sure it don’t dry out.I will be going to get them tank tomorrow .


Q: What plants and fish have you had the best luck with? And the worst?

A: So far tilapia not to good with bill Gil I couldn’t get the blue gill to eat .I try everything .finely I digging worm and they are eating. I can’t keep digging worms.so I think of making a worm bed. So much to do. Cucumber ,and tomato so far.I have every thing growing .So I can see .Its only been up for a month.

Q: What do you like most about aquaponics? Least?

A: Or gain first then to see them grow so fast,can wait to teach it . but want to learn everything I can before doing that .worrying about the fish dieing.

Q: What do you think the biggest misconception about aquaponics is?

A: Cost .


Q: What are your future aquaponics goals?

A: I so want to teach others around here all about it . And help them get started . I don’t see a good future for the people around here.Fruit of the loom is moving over seas. Lots of people will be doing with out, losing there jobs.Just want to help them, have a healthy way to eat.Im thinking I can start up and stand on Saturdays at the market they have down town.After I get going good.

Q: What do your friends say when you show them your system for the first time?

A: A lot of them don’t know any thing about it . But when I tell them about it they want to see it.They can’t believe the plants growing so fast.

Q: What is your next big gear purchase going to be? What about your next small one?

A: I’m think if I have the money I would love to buy the medium ,for one bed. and would like to put a wick bed .something to keep the water good.from high nitrates and nitrites.

Q: What’s the best recipe you’ve ever had/made, based around something you grew in your system?

A: Haven’t got that far. But I’m thinking it will be a cucumber in and salad.

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