Q: Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: I am from upstate NY. I am 80 yo and have researched acquaponics for two years before plunging into it during this growing season. I have had a conventional garden almost every year click over here now. Beside my acquaponic system, I do have a conventional garden.

Q: How did you get interested in aquaponics?

A: I liked the idea of less physical work to maintain the garden.

Q: How are you currently working with aquaponics? Home setup, community greenhouse, etc.

A: I have a home setup. I would set it up differently next year, but it’s working fine. I did start the grow bed as a hydroponic program until the water was fine for the fish.

Q: Tell us about your system. Geek out a bit and tell us all the specs.

A: I can’t give you all of it as a spec. I have a 10 gal tote that cleans the water from the fish tank that was given to me. I used a four foot round swimming pool for the grow bed which has rocks and clay pellets in it. I have recently added to the grow bed worms and peat moss the worms came in. I am considering adding some plant food to the grow bed because I have goldfish which I think are inadequate plant food. I would change the planting and place the plants directly into the grow beds without a float.

Q: What plants and fish have you had the best luck with? And the worst?

A: I have tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and collard greens in the bed. The tomatoes and peppers are doing the best.

Q: What do you like most about aquaponics? Least?

A: No Weeding is the best. The need to make certain there is complete balance in the system.

Q: What do you think the biggest misconception about aquaponics is?

A: That it is an ambitious endeavor.

Q: What are your future aquaponics goals?

A: I will bring some in for the winter and see how it works out. Also, I will expand it next year.

Q: What do your friends say when you show them your system for the first time?

A: They are intrigued.

Q: What’s the best recipe you’ve ever had/made, based around something you grew in your system?

A: Have not had occasion to use any of the produce from the system since it is new this year.

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