Every morning right after breakfast I look at Luna the dog and say “ok, Luna, time to feed the fishies”. I’m convinced she knows exactly what that means because she rushes to the door to the back deck and forces her way in front of me as I open the door. She then runs down the stairs, banks around the corner and puts on the brakes at the door the greenhouse, often with her paws up on the door. I’m convinced it is one of her favorite times of the day; it is certainly one of mine. Walking through the door of the greenhouse is transformational. Whatever the crazy gods of Colorado weather are dishing up outside is ignored in this lively environment of water sound, warm, moist air, and the subtle earthy smell of thriving life.

Luna’s first stop is the 300 gallon Rubbermaid tank. She puts her paws on the edge and peers in as if to check that everything is ok. Her tail wags furiously. She waits for me to feed that tank a mix of large and small pellets that reflect the multiple sizes and types of fish we have growing in there. She then runs to the tank we refer to as the Crazy Party tank where, for some unknown reason, the fish go wild when they see us in the morning. This is where she makes her daily attempt to catch a fish with her mouth. She’s always hopeful, but never successful – at least not yet.

Here is a quick video of our experience I wanted to share with you. Enjoy![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YIqTLn2O-c]