Aquaponics System Cleaning

10 Easy Steps for Keeping Your Aquaponic System Running Strong, All Year Long

It’s that time of year for Spring cleaning, time to refresh your aquaponic system and make it more abundant and attractive. Here is a quick run down for a super spring time aquaponic spruce up (or really any time of year when you […]

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Increasing Brix and Plant Immunity to Root-Borne Pathogens

Increasing plant Brix levels increase plant immunity to Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora, and other root-borne pathogens in aquaponics, hydroponic, and soil-based agricultural systems. Increasing Brix is also essential for improving the over quality of fruits and vegetables, productivity of the system, and working towards the goal of making food become medicine. Often this is something […]

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How To Determine Feeding Rate in An Aquaponic System

How to Determine Feeding Rate in Aquaponic Systems

Hello! Welcome

If you have found your way here, then you are probably asking yourself the same questions that many ask when they begin planning their aquaponic system, “How much do I feed?”, “How many fish do I need?” “How often do I feed?”. […]

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Salt Addition Calculator

Overview of Salt in use Aquaponics

Salinity is used to expresses the total salts in a substance; the salinity of water can be measured using a handheld Seawater refractometer or a digital salinity meter. Salinity tolerances vary among aquatic species, though even most freshwater fish prefer some salinity. Salt in the water helps regulate osmatic […]

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Grow Media Calculator

How to choose the proper growing media

Welcome, today we will go over how to select the correct grow media for your aquaponic system. Grow media comes in several shapes and sizes made with various materials with numerous different properties; often several types are blended. The final product must provide four characteristics to ensure proper […]

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Iron Additions Calculator

Brief Overview of Iron in Aquaponics

Iron (Fe) is an essential element for plant development which is typically limiting in aquaponic systems.

Iron requirements and toxicities of fish vary by species though in general, these levels are much higher than what we require in aquaponics. Iron may be added to feed in various forms to meet […]

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Comparing Flourish Farms Production and Cost

Production and Cost Comparison

It’s time to take a closer look at how our Flourish Farm Aquaponic Systems match up with one of the most well known commercial aquaponic farm kit systems on the market.

When choosing a turnkey aquaponic farm, it’s important to make an apples to apples comparison […]

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Free Informative Aquaponics Farming PDF

Flourish Farms Free PDF Download

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Do I Need Artificial Grow Lighting in my Farm?

Do I Need Artificial Grow Lighting in my Farm?

One of the greatest benefits of aquaponic farming is the ability to grow fresh produce year-round, even when other growers in your area are shut down for the winter.  This puts the aquaponic farmer in a unique position to be the […]

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Growing Food, Growing Minds, Growing Community

A Collaboration Between The GrowHaus and Colorado Aquaponics

When we entered the GrowHaus on an icy overcast day in January of 2010, it was hard to imagine how the space was going to someday grow food for a food desert neighborhood. We put our newborn twins in a grocery cart left in the frozen dirt parking […]

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